Spin Entertainment Recordz Are Signing Talent (Read More)

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A music record label called Spin Entertainment Recordz (S E Recordz) located in the city of ibadan, is looking forward to sign talent from ibadan and is environ into there team….

S E Recordz is and an independent/indie music record label

What is Independent/indie record label..?

  • 1) Independent record labels are small companies that produce and distribute records. They are not affiliated with or funded by the three major records labels.
  • 2) An independent record label is a record label that operates without the funding or distribution of major record labels; they are a type of small- to medium-sized enterprise, or SME

Our mission is to make your dream to stardom come true

The CEO noticed there are lot of talents out there is the grassroot wasting because they have no one to render them help, this was the major reason this label was created to assist the helpless talented one’s

Do SER as an independent record labels pay you?

They may take around 20% or more of your fee as commission, but they’ll always get you paid gigs and some other add-on’s

Do independent labels make money?

Independent labels now rake in over 40% of the music industry revenue. The competition may be tough for new record labels, but there will always be space in the industry for musos with a golden ear. In fact, there has never been a better time to get established

What is the difference between independent record label and major label’s?

Major labels have well-established reputations and significant funding at their disposal, while indie labels often have to cut corners. But with less of an investment to protect, indies usually offer more artist-friendly contracts, including keeping the rights to your music.

Why independent labels are better?

Instead of getting nickeled-and-dimed by major record labels who want their percent, an indie label can offer a more customized contract experience. For one, indie labels tend to give larger royalty percentages to their artists, and rarely do complete 360 music deals, which puts more money in your pocket.

What is a nickel and dime person?

If you accuse a person of nickel-and-diming someone or something, you are criticizing that person for weakening or exhausting them, for example, by continually taking small amounts of money away from them, or by continually making small changes or requests.

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