Reactions: Actress Eniola Badmus Shares Tinubu’s Swearing-in Fabric When Inec Is Yet To Decide The Winner(Photos)

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Eniola Badmus, the Nollywood actress, has provoked criticism on social media for distributing what appeared to be Bola Tinubu’s swearing-in fabric.

Tinubu is the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The presidential election was held on Saturday with a total of 18 candidates contesting for Nigeria’s highest office.

While the winner of the election is yet to be announced, Badmus, who is an avid supporter of Tinubu, asked her followers to reach out to her if they want the fabric.

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The actress averred that the material is for the APC presidential candidate’s swearing-in ceremony — giving her users the impression Tinubu had won the election.

“Swearing in Kampala is ready, holla if you want,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the fabric.The fabric also bears Tinubu’s trademark.The movie star’s post was, however, not well received by a number of Nigerians on social media.

“INEC hasn’t declared a winner yet, Eniola Badmus is seen via social media sharing Tinubu’s ‘swearing kampala,” a user said.Another user added:

“Eniola Badmus” Has a way of always attracting Negative attention to herself. First She rushed to announce Ifeanyi’s (davido son) death before the family even confirmed the death.

“Now she is already sharing Tinubu swearing in Kampala not minding the election violence yesterday.”

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