Man Commits Suicide Over N250,000 Debt In Niger State

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A Young Man Identified as Saifullahi has committed suicide over his inability to pay the N250,000 debts he owed to several people.

The Incident that occurred in Shata village in Bosso local government of niger state Nigeria, has left the community in a state of shock and disbelief.

Saifullahi’s body was found hanging from a rope in his bedroom by his neighbors on Monday afternoon.

Speaking to newsmen, his girlfriend identified as Rebecca claimed that she saw the deceased alive when he visited her saying that he was very disturbed.

According to her, the deceased told her that he has accumulated a debt of N250,000 and did not know how he would pay his debts as the debtors have begun asking for their monies.

The debts were causing him a lot of concerns and he was in great distress. I tried to assure him that the situation of things would improve, I did not know he would kill himself,” she said.

Residents said the deceased didn’t not leave a suicide note.

Abdullahi Ndanusa, a resident in the community, said that Saifullahi was a young man full of potentials as he has been one of the youth influencers in the community.

After discovery, the deceased was cut down from the rope and buried.

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