AbdulSalam Biola Samad “Sam D” Biography

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Abdul Salam Biola Samad “Sam D Omo Oba” Biography

Meet Abdul Salam Biola Samad the fastest raising hip hop artist, popularly known as “Sam DOmo Oba….

Sam D Is an indigenous Yoruba Hip Hop rap artist

He was born on the 13th of November 2009, in the ancient city of Ibadan and he has been staying in Ibadan, he grew up at Opoo yeosa, ibadan south east local government area,

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He was born into the family of Mr AbdulSalam Abdullah and Mrs Alimot Iyabo Oyetunde

He was born to family of Osuntoki royal family, Agbeni Ibadan. This where the name Omo Oba (Prince) was from, because he was born to a royal family.

His first track was released in 2008 title “No shouting” and it was produced and mixed by Mikoka mix. And ever since then he has been dropping hit songs back to back like Baba Loke , Voice Out to mention few of his songs

He attended first Baptist primary school idi kan.

And later went to Ebenezer Anglican school, inalende Ibadan.

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Quote:- the problem of getting ahead is getting started

Sam D as went to many places to sing .he as also attend many occasions and perform alongside lot of comedian, musician and dancers.

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